The Tulsa Real Estate Fund is proud to sponsor the

3rd Annual Black Wall Street Ball

There is so much right about the atmosphere created when a room full of Kings and Queens dressed in formal attire mingle and network surrounded by historic marble walls, terrazzo floors, and beautiful arched windows. The sell-out Black Wall Street Ball is the elegant Friday night kick-off to the weekend’s festivities. 

  • 3rd Annual Black Wall Street Ball
    Aug 17, 2019, 6:00 PM EDT
    TW Events Venue, 2101 Northlake Pkwy, Tucker, GA 30084, USA
    This year’s Black Wall Street Ball is an invitation to a rich night of culture, color and indigenous brilliance. Be inspired by an atmosphere of Kings and Queens celebrating the accomplishments of our community, networking and partnering to lift each other up.
About The Tulsa Real Estate Fund
We named our company Tulsa Real Estate Fund in honor of the prominent African American community in Tulsa, Oklahoma dubbed "Black Wall Street" that was viciously attacked by ground and air during the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot. Approximately 300 lives were lost, 6,000 Africans in America were detained, and over 150 businesses were destroyed. Following this tragic event, the most successful self-sustaining community of Africans in America was left devastated, with all of its glory shattered. Thanks to the creation of the JOBS Act, signed into law by President Barack Obama, we now have an opportunity to rebuild self-sustaining, successful "Black Wall Street" like communities again as a collective. The JOBS Act has legalized public fundraising from both unaccredited and accredited investors through vehicles such as the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, allowing individuals from all economic backgrounds, including international investors and institutions to all collaborate and participate in investment opportunities together. Join The People’s Fund now at

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