The Jay Morrison Academy will be hosting and sponsoring this year’s Ultimate Wealth Creators Conference during the 2018 Black Wealth Weekend. The conference is also the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of the all-new Wealth Creators Club! An exciting FREE Community of elite future millionaires being launched by JMA. Access to tuition-free wealth-building resources and training courses for entrepreneurs at any level. Enrollment details and program information will be announced during the conference! The lineup of talent presenting our packed itinerary delivers an exclusive opportunity to learn from some of the most strategic, wealthy and seasoned do’ers in their respective fields. The success of our lectures and courses has taught us the importance of relying on coaches and teachers who have navigated the landscape, done the work, climbed or built the ladder and who have essentially been there and done that.



• Business and Banking - Financial Literacy 101

• Protecting Your Assets (insurance, taxes, legal) 

• Communicate Like A Wealth Creator

• Ultimate WC Entrepreneurship 

• Franchises -- Passive vs Active Entrepreneurship 


• Ultimate Real Estate Investing - A through to Z 

• Passive and Active (Wholesale, Flipping, Homeownership 101,

Land Lording, Commercial and Apartment Buildings) 

• Mentorship and Continued Education 



• Understanding Leverage and Credit

• Creating Multiple Streams Of Income (Investing 101) 

• Ultimate WC Legacy Strategies

• Ultimate Wealth Creator Mindset

• Get Innovative With Investing (Understanding Crypto)


Jay Morrison

JMA, Founder

Business mogul, social activist, and best-selling author Jay Morrison, commonly known as "Mr. Real Estate", defied the odds of growing up in poverty to become a multi-millionaire businessman, celebrity realtor, real estate developer and national influencer. The Jay Morrison Academy was formed to provide financial literacy to those who haven’t been taught wealth creation at home or school in a way that is affordable, relatable, and accessible. The goal is to bridge the wealth gap in America and repair our communities using creative solutions that will put us in a position to control our family 's financial legacy. 

Ernestine Johnson

JMA, Guest Speaker

Ernestine Johnson is a compelling actress, performance poet and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she started acting at ten years old. She hit the Big Screen for the first time opposite Kevin Hart in Think Like a Man Too. Her recent TV credits include Shots Fired and 24 Legacy on the FOX network. Ernestine is also well known in the spoken word world, infamous for being uncensored and untamed on the microphone, speaking on matters dear to the heart. Her original spoken word piece “Average Black Girl” performed live on The Arsenio Hall Show, went viral with over 40 million views online. 

Will Roundtree

EZ-Funding, President & Credit Counseler

Will Roundtree is a compelling speaker with practical knowledge that offers real people real solutions. His popular seminars on credit repair, real estate, personal finance, and business funding give participants at his events the tools to create positive financial paths forward in their lives and, for entrepreneurs, opportunities for their businesses.

Dr. Roberta Hoskie

JMA Coach

At 17 years old, Dr. Roberta Hoskie found herself on welfare, living in a homeless shelter in New Haven, Connecticut. Determined to improve life for her son, she took a job at Yale University, making only $9.14 per hour. She quickly took advantage of the company’s first-time homebuyer program and invested in her first home yielding her a profit of over a $250,000! Now, with 18 years of real estate experience, and as an owner of a multi-million-dollar business, Roberta is a real estate investor and broker empowering other women through her organization, “Ms. Millionaire Mindset".

Chantelle Owens

Tax Liens Expert

Chantelle Owens has been investing in real estate since 1999 and has been a full-time real estate investor since 2001. She began her real estate investing career as a credit investor which eventually escalated into No Money Down Deals, Wholesale Deals, Fix & Flip and Buy & Holds as a landlord. To help with her investment ventures, Chantelle obtained her Real Estate Salesperson License in 2006. In 2008, after going through a second real estate market crash, Chantelle found her passion with Tax Lien Investing and has made this her primary niche. After 10 years of investing in  GA Tax Liens, Chantelle is an expert Tax Lien Acquisitions and the go to person amongst her fellow real estate investors in GA.  She has completed over 500+ tax lien transactions and created a million dollar networth via tax liens.

Brandon J. Wigley

JMA, President of Sales

 Abruptly quitting his managerial job, Brandon believed there was something larger for him to attain that exceeded the limits of clocking in and out under the thumb of corporate America. With no back up plan, Brandon set out to launch his entrepreneur career from the ground up: soaking up knowledge, seeking mentors and working hard towards the ultimate goal of financial freedom that encompassed true fulfillment in doing what he loves most: creating, inspiring and solving problems.  He is currently the Vice President of Sales of  Jay Morrison Academy, where he enthusiastically leads others in their journey towards financial freedom.

Art Morrison

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Art Morrison III is an Entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses. He is an author of the book “Overcome” and a Professional Basketball Player giving back to the community through youth basketball training giant, “Above Max Basketball”.  Art is highly driven by adversity faced throughout his life and has used his story to inspire countless others worldwide. He is passionate about the community and seeks to help others delve into the world of entrepreneurship and business. 

Johnetta Paye Esq.

VP of Business Affairs & General Counsel

​Ms. Paye is a transactional attorney and provides legal services to commercial real estate agencies, developers, home buyers, landlords, residential real estate agencies, real estate brokers, realtors, sellers and tenants. Her client base consist of nationally recognized investors and Chicago-based real estate investor clients, Paye also represents international real estate investors. She is an attorney title agent for several nationally known title companies.

Issac Grace

JMA Coach

At just 24 years old, Issac D. Grace has overcome an uncertain future brought on by reckless decisions on the streets of New Jersey to owning the successful Jersey Shore Property Solutions LLC real estate investment firm. In his business, Issac has contracted and assigned over 1 million dollars in properties using no money or credit through the real estate strategy of wholesaling.  And he’s done it all in only four short years.


In September of 2014 Issac came across a Jay Morrison YouTube video titled “Ex Drug Trafficker turned Realtor” that became his introduction to the field of real estate. Issac credits Jay’s message of caring for the people as what attracted him to the content, he saw himself in that message. Issac enrolled in the Jay Morrison Academy (JMA) that same month and registered his first LLC, We R Brothers Investments just two months later.


While enrolled in JMA, Issac completed his first wholesale deal using direct mail marketing and other techniques learned in the Academy earning a $12,500 payday. This deal was significant not only because it proved that he was able to follow and implement the strategies successfully but the house represented in this first deal was located in the same neighborhood that he went to High School in and only one block over from the house he grew up in with his grandmother in South Toms River, New Jersey. It was proof that will and execution were more powerful than circumstance.  


Over the next couple of years with the help of various mentors, Issac began to integrate systems and apply automation techniques to his wholesale business and closed out 2016 with 12 deals which included his most memorable, a $30,000 assignment deal.

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